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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Gem

We are a young family that had a dream of a different and exciting lifestyle of mining and faceting Australia Sapphires and Zircons in the township of Sapphire Central Qld.
All the stones you see on display are mined and faceted on site.

 We are very passionate about all things gem related, we started this journey many years ago and now operate two mining claims.


Trevor operates the mine and is the cutters behind our beautiful gems on display

Katelyn (Partner to Trevor) promotes all our hard work on our social media and website.  

We hope you are inspired by our beautiful showcase.  


Our Story

We travelled on a family holiday to explore a different scenery after a week we fell in love with the area and instantly was eager to learn about all aspects of gems and mining. 

A few months later we started the proceeding's of pegging a new mining claim once established we decided start this journey over the years we have fully emerged our lives into the sapphire and zircon industry learning from the locals and experts in the field.  

We are always learning the trade as this industry is always evolving but we are in the heart of sapphire where we stay the most up to date on the knowledge of the industry.

Trevor learnt the skill of cutting and mining underground 

While Katelyn starting on the advertise and network side in her spare time while raising a our little girl we welcomed in 22.

We love all aspects of Sapphires from mining and cutting so know when you buy from us that you are buying directly from the miners and cutters that work extremely hard on bring the most spectacular stones to showcase. 

Meet The Team

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